Don’t start new projects on vacation!

So I’m almost home, gotta do the hockey thing this weekend before heading home. But I probably shouldn’t have started a blog while on vacation, I had ample time but no motivation to do anything explore Netflix. I had many thoughts about posts but no actual attempts to post. Oh we’ll better luck next week!

Had a lovely visit with my extended family and with good friends I never get to see for such long periods. Every time I spend time in Washington, it makes me wish I could move there. Of course I could, the only thing holding us back from that are jobs, kids, income, etc. you know, trivial stuff. Someday we do hope to move there, but we have to figure out the financial end of things first, plus we have an amazing deal going on with our house that allows us to afford it, but also means that we can’t change our minds about living there now. So we will just continue to take really long vacations to WA for the time being.

Saw my husband briefly last night when he picked us from the airport, we all ate dinner together, then we switched kids and went our separate ways. Husband and toddler went home, and teenager and went to a relatives house, one kind enough to allow us to stay the whole weekend for hockey. We will all hopefully be reunited on Sunday and it will be very nice to be back in my home, my bed and with my family all together again. We should be able to manage to stay that for about two weeks before we all split up again, the life of working hockey parents!


I’ve Been Banished

I have been sent to stay with my in-laws for three weeks, probably because I’ve been so miserable and cranky to be around. Maybe the whining also had something to do with it. Either way, here I am in sunny western Washington. Where it has managed to snow the past two days. Now I wasn’t really expecting sunshine, but I was ejecting to remain snow free for the time I was down, that was partially the point of sending me down here was to get me (and our toddler) out of the cold and snow. Irony seems to be following me around like a wet blanket of snow these day!

Oh there goes the snow again! I’m looking out the window and it just started AGAIN. Sigh, oh well at least it’s not very cold out there compared to home. I’ve been told that’s its currently -10 F at home so I’m ok with the current weather here after all!

I’ve only been away from my husband and older son for four days and I already miss the heck out of them. I had a dream this morning that my husband was gone, and woke up just devastated and actually had to call him to hear his voice. I was nearly in tears just thinking of the dream and then hearing his voice made it all better. I am so lucky to have this man in my life, he doesn’t always understand me, but he always does what he can for me.

Aside from my general craziness we’ve been having a good time down here, nothing wild, just hanging out with family. My little boy recently turned two and my nephew (who lives down here) just turned one in November and will be seeing each other soon, should be lots of fun for them! Nana and Papa have been having lots of fun with Ro, he finally talks, and the novelty of their “baby” having conversations with them hasn’t worn off yet. Actually it hasn’t for me yet either, it just tickles me pink to hear my little guy talking, finally!

Oh and the best part of being down here? My new car! My husband bought me a new car for Christmas, it’s down here because he bought it from his cousin, who lives half mile away from his parents. So I have a sweet new ride to use while I’m down here and in a month my wonderful husband will be coming down and driving it back to Alaska for me. It’s a pretty nice car, I currently have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, and the new vehicle is the same, but ten years newer! It’s like driving a brand new vehicle! So we get all the thrill of a new car without all the cost of new.

So that’s the beginning of my grand trip to Washington state, more to come, including a trip to the big Tulalip outlet mall!