Don’t start new projects on vacation!

So I’m almost home, gotta do the hockey thing this weekend before heading home. But I probably shouldn’t have started a blog while on vacation, I had ample time but no motivation to do anything explore Netflix. I had many thoughts about posts but no actual attempts to post. Oh we’ll better luck next week!

Had a lovely visit with my extended family and with good friends I never get to see for such long periods. Every time I spend time in Washington, it makes me wish I could move there. Of course I could, the only thing holding us back from that are jobs, kids, income, etc. you know, trivial stuff. Someday we do hope to move there, but we have to figure out the financial end of things first, plus we have an amazing deal going on with our house that allows us to afford it, but also means that we can’t change our minds about living there now. So we will just continue to take really long vacations to WA for the time being.

Saw my husband briefly last night when he picked us from the airport, we all ate dinner together, then we switched kids and went our separate ways. Husband and toddler went home, and teenager and went to a relatives house, one kind enough to allow us to stay the whole weekend for hockey. We will all hopefully be reunited on Sunday and it will be very nice to be back in my home, my bed and with my family all together again. We should be able to manage to stay that for about two weeks before we all split up again, the life of working hockey parents!


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